Los Angeles, CA - New Music Weekly has announced the nominees for this years 2010 New Music Awards. Major & independent artists and bands are among the many being honored in addition to radio stations, programmers, labels and industry executives. All of the nominees had a profound impact on the popular music trades charts this calendar year, with fans also having a hand in the nomination process via the NMW website.  All of this year's nominees will be featured in the publications 2010 Nomination Special that is now in production.

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TOP 40:
Top40 Single of the Year:
"Dynamite" Taio Cruz  
"Kalifornia Girls" Katy Perry
"Your Love Is My Drug" Kesha
"Time Waster" Finding Clyde
"Misery" Maroon 5
"The Deep End" Ember
"Soul Sister" Train

Top40 Male Artist of the Year:
Taio Cruz
Bruno Mars
Adam Lambert
Matt Roehr
Rob Thomas

Top40 Female Artist of the Year:
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift
Amanda Morra

TOP 40 Group/Duo of the Year:
Boys Like Girls
Finding Clyde

New Top40 Artist of the Year:
Allison Bohman
Kenneth Roy
Heather Youmans
Willow Smith

New TOP 40 Group/Dou of the Year:
Ready Set
Finding Clyde
Pineapple Crackers   
Loomis and The Lust

TOP 40 Breakthrough Artist of the Year:
Matt Roehr
Brittn! ey Reed
Marsha Jewell
Meeghan Henry
Loomis and The Lust
Amanda Morra

TOP 40 Station of the Year of the Year:
KCFV (St. Louis, MO)
KLBQ (El Dorado, AR)
KFMI (Eureka, CA)
KLQQ (Sheridan, WY)
Hot96 (Portland, OR)

TOP 40 Program Director of the Year:
Nick Burns/KCFV
Dan Murphy/KLBQ
Tom Sebourn/KFMI
Russ Davidson/KLQQ
Randy Adams/KKKJ

TOP 40Music Director of the Year:
Ashton Ridley/KCEP
Courtney Blake/KCFV
Mike Shaffer/KCLD
Ed Johnson/KLAL

Top40 Promotion of the Year:
All Access
Sobel Promotions/Barbara Sobel
Jerome Promotions/Bill Jerome
Gary Lekowith /Add Promotions
Rooftop Promotion
Team Clermont Promotion

TOP 40 Label of the Year! :
Warner Brothers
Sony< BR>Big Machine

AC Single of the Year:
"Hey Soul Sister" Train
"Haven't Met You Yet" Michael Buble
"Smile" Uncle Kracker   
"Just What I Need" Jimmy White w/ Jonell Mosser
"I'm Still In Love With You" Marsha Jewell

AC Male Artist of the Year:
Uncle Kracker
Michael Buble
Justin Bieber
John Mayer
Rob Thomas

AC Female Artist of the Year:
Colbie Caillet
Taylor Swift
Jennifer Richman
Brittney Reed
Amanda Morra
Sara Bareilles
Marsha Jewell

AC Group/Duo of the Year:
Lady Antabellum
Finding Clyde
Jimmy White w/Jonell Mosser

New AC Artist of the Year:
Jennifer Richman
Mark Radcliffe
David Juliet

New AC Group/Dou of the Year:
Finding Clyde

AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year:
Matt Roehr
Jimmy White
Britney Reed
Marsha Jewell
Amanda Morra

AC Station of the Year of the Year:
KCAJ (Roseau, MN)
KKRB (Klamath Falls, OR)
WJER (Dover, OH)
WQXQ (Owensboro, KY)
KGWL  (Grand Junction,. CO)
KLOZ  (Kaiser, MO)
KTDY (Lafayette, LA)

AC Program Director of the Year:
Stan Barnett/WQXQ
Randy Adams/KKRB
Larry Kaszynski/WOCO
Russ Davidson/KEHK
Billy Coble/ KTRN

AC Music Director of the Year:
Mike Betten/KQCR
Eric St. John/WJER
N! ikki Thunder/KCHE
Brian Brawner/WWIS

AC40 Promotion of the Year:
ISV Entertainment
Tom Mazetta
Jerry Lembo
Tim Smith

AC Label of the Year:
Big Machine/Universal
Warner Brothers

Country Single of the Year:
"Need You Now" Lady Antebellum
"Mine" Taylor Swift
"South Of the Border" Cerrito w/ Lane Brody
"Through That Glass" Vince Hatfield
"Just What I Need" Jimmy White w/Jonell Mosser
"Stuck Like Glue " Sugarland

Country Male Artist of the Year:
Eric Church
Darius Rucker
Brad Paisley
Vince Hatfield
Jason Aldean

Country Female Artist of the Year:
Miranda Lambert
Taylor Swift
Melanie Denard
Christine Van Hoy
Sandra Piller
Reba McEntire
Martina McBride

Country Group/Duo of the Year:
Lady Antebellum
Steel Magnolia
Taylor Made
Cerrito w/ Lane Brody
Jimmy White w/ Jonell Mosser

New Country Artist of the Year:
Jayme Lynn Scott
David Wood
John Maines Jr
Bryan Cole
Jackie Arredondo
Bryan Cole
Leah Seawright
Jackie Arredondo

New Country Group/Dou of the Year:
Taylor Made
Jeff Cook & The AGB
Cerrito w/ Lane Brody
The Roys

Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year:
John Maines Jr
David Wood.
Sandra Piller
Melanie Denard
Jackie Arredondo
Robert Martin
Chris Young

Country Station of the Year of the Year:
KAIR/Atchison, KS
KFAV/Warrenton. MO
WCJW/Warsaw, NY
WFLE/Flemingsburg, KY
KLQL/Luverene,  MN     
WQSI/Auburn, AL

Country Program Director of the Year:
Jason Drake/KAIR
Eric Gill/KISZ
Mike Thomas/KFAV
Randy Adams/KFLS
Dan Murphy /KDMS
Michael Johnson /KZKS  
David Hollebeke / KGKL

Country Music Director of the Year:
Adam Smith/KRVN
Lee Richey/WCJW
Mike Betten/KLMJ
Eddie Plummer/WFLE
Jay McRae/KGFY
Geoff Hayton/WSNN
Mark Robertson/KWWR

Country Promotion of the Year:
James Williams/James Williams Promotion
Bill Wence/Bill Wence Promotion
Tom McBee and Associates
Alan Young/Alan Young Promotion
Gary Bradshaw
Jerry duncan
Big Data Marketing
Jay Karl Jensen/Bravo 1 Promotions

Country Label of the Year:
Big Machine
Lofton Creek

Crossover Artist of the Year:
Marsha Jewell
Matt Roehr
Brittney Reed
Taylor Swift
Brant Miller

College Artist of the Year:
Jackie Greene
Marc Cohn
Sergio Mendes

College Band of the Year:
War of Ages
Thieves & Liars
Plants & Animals
The Broken Rhodes
Kings of Leon
Sister Hazel

New College Artist of the Year:
Walter Trout
Jackie Greene
Karen Elson

New College Band of the Year:
Deer Trick
New Pornographers
War Of Ages

College Breakthrough Artist of the Year:
Sean Bones
Brant Miller

College Station of the Year of the Year:
Classic Artists Today

College PD of the Year:
Naomi Soule/KCLC
Jason Wells/WALW
Paul Reilly/KCTY

College MD of the Year:
Jeffery Jones/WOJB
LeRoy Froom/WMCR
Terry Mosses/KCLC

College Label of the Year:
Metal Blade
Delta Groove

College Promotion of the Year:
Break Thru Promotions
South Beach Marketing & Promotion
AAM Promo
RDR Promotions

Record Pool of the Year:
Higher Ground/Lithonia, GA
Starfleet/Charlotte, NC
Pacific Coast DJ Assoc/Long Beach, CA
Soundworks/San Francisco, CA
Central Ohio/Columbus, OH

Publicity Firm/PR of the Year:
Rogers & Cowen
Luck Media
Webster & Associates
All About Jazz
Mitch Sneider Organization

Internet Station of the Year of the Year:
Real Country /Japan  
Hot N Gold/London
Western Heart/Glendale, AZ
Lex Broadcasting/Lexington. KY  
Sound Machine/Moyac, SC
Breeze/Phoenix, AZ
Rock Hard/ Coos Bay, OR
EMM Radio/ Central Point,  OR


NMW is proud to be the first and only award show not weighted down with the
politics and corruption of the corporate world, but an award show showing
the true talent which exists in the music industry today. NMW's motivation
for providing the most updated and fairly tracked radio airplay information
is owed to the philosophy of radio pioneer and legend Bill Gavin, who
started Gavin as a weekly tip-sheet for radio programmers in the 1950s. It
wasn't till the early 1990's that Gavin's philosophy was finally archived
with the bureaucracy of major label politics . .thus the founding of New
Music Weekly.


New Music Weekly, has graced the pages of Billboard, R&R, Gavin, Friday
Morning Quarterback, Music Connection, Inside Connection and most recently
Soap Digest  has found  great success with their charting system which
includes Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, College, Americana, and Rock
radio stations. Most recently with the formation of Backstage
Entertainment's newly developed Spins Tracking System (STS) it has already
impacted over 5000 radio stations since the beginning of 2005.

New Music Weekly has also been honored as  "Magazine Of the Year" award at
the recent Los Angeles Music Awards. The weekly music trade magazine which
has fast become the top chart breaking publication for new music and artists
scored top honors during the event held in Hollywood, California.

The magazine which is heading towards its sixth year of publication boasts
over 500 reporting radio stations in the genres of Top40, Adult
Contemporary, Country, College, Jazz and Alternative/Rock. 

NMW has also found success with its Future Hits compilation CDs. This
multi-format music sampler enables recording artists to get their music  to
the hands of radio station program directors that will support new artists
regardless of label affiliation. In addition, New Music Weekly owns and
operate the New Music Radio Network which services it's syndicated radio
specials to hundreds of Country and Mainstream radio stations.