I Ain´t Around No More

Was everything
We promised
Just a lie?
Were all of the feelings
That we shared
Now lost in time

I won’t believe it for a minute
‘Cause it all sounded so right
I can’t believe that it’s true
That we had so much to hide

It’s better now-
I ain´t around no more

It’s better I ain´t around no more
‘Cause there’s nothing left to say
The feelings I saw in your eyes
Tell me there is no escape
I asked is it a tragedy?
Or just my tragic fate
All our dreams have washed away
We never had the chance
To stop what’s unavoidable

There are always a million reasons
To change a life
But you’re on some kind of mission
To destroy yourself

If you prefer to live in your own world
With all your little white lies
Then don’t you think it’s time to make a move
Time to get it, get it right?