Sarcastic Gutter Blues

Send me a postcard from the gutter
A nice view of the bums
Send me a postcard from the underground
Where you were lost and never found

As politician you utter evil prophecies
Unseriously missing your mark
Just try to make millions of dollars
It’s a small fatal step and you quickly end up
Here in the gutter

Hey man how do you do?
I’m sorry
I wasn´t the one for you
Hey man what can I do?
I never had any sympathy for you
Hey man what’s up with you?
There’s nothing left for me to do
Hey man how do you do?
I welcome you
Back to the gutter
Mmh – the gutter

Welcome to the twilight zone
Where the sun never shines
Welcome to the loneliness
To the real side of life

You never thought that you´d be here?
Your life, your wife
All disappeared?
And even your connections failed?
Were your political morals
Just a matter of date?