Phoenix Part 3 - Mastering of "OUT OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION"

Unfortunately, the time in Phoenix is over. Last Tuesday we finished the mastering of the album (you could have watched it live on!).
Flying back home. The day after tomorrow we'll start working on the artwork here in Uruguay and in Rio de Janeiro.

Maybe just the right time to resume and take a look out into the future:
I took over the vocals for seven songs. Charlie Huhn is listed as "special guest" on the new album and he sings three titles and the back/harmony vocals

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Hi from Phoenix,

Here I am again. There's some time between the sessions and I thought I'd bring you up to date.
In the meantime, Charlie Huhn has made his contribution. He will be on this album as "special guest" for three songs and he will also do back vocals for various other songs.

Well, the recordings are coming to an end and I am really satisfied as there are many new influences in the songs - and my style has become much more consolidated. After the first two albums, for which I had tried out a lot I believe

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Hi from the Chaton Studios in Phoenix

Now that the word has spread I would like to personally greet you from the studio in Phoenix/Arizona where I am recording my third album.

The recording sessions have been going on for several weeks and this coming weekend we're just about reaching "half time."

The band and I have in the meantime finished the recordings for the basic tracks of the 12 songs and I am now beginning to work on the guitar overdubs.

Within the next few days Charlie Huhn will join us for the recordings. He incidentally came to visit this

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