Hi from the Chaton Studios in Phoenix

Now that the word has spread I would like to personally greet you from the studio in Phoenix/Arizona where I am recording my third album.

The recording sessions have been going on for several weeks and this coming weekend we're just about reaching "half time."

The band and I have in the meantime finished the recordings for the basic tracks of the 12 songs and I am now beginning to work on the guitar overdubs.

Within the next few days Charlie Huhn will join us for the recordings. He incidentally came to visit this past weekend for the photo sessions; these took place in the studio and then continued in the desert around Phoenix (as well as criss-crossing through some Mexican bars).

Talking about photos: I will have the great pleasure of being able to work with Daniel and Geo Fuchs, two fantastic (photo) artists from Germany, for this album (for which I still have something exceptional in mind).

I think that I'll be able to present to you some videos and the single by mid-year, but maybe I'll even let you do a "sneak preview" and let you listen to the sessions (depending on whether we'll find time to do a rough mix of one or the other title)!

That's it for today. I'll be back soon - keep it going!