Phoenix Part 3 - Mastering of "OUT OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION"

Unfortunately, the time in Phoenix is over. Last Tuesday we finished the mastering of the album (you could have watched it live on!).
Flying back home. The day after tomorrow we'll start working on the artwork here in Uruguay and in Rio de Janeiro.

Maybe just the right time to resume and take a look out into the future:
I took over the vocals for seven songs. Charlie Huhn is listed as "special guest" on the new album and he sings three titles and the back/harmony vocals for many other songs.

While "Barra da Tijuca" still had a lot of guitar tracks, the new album is different, one guitar track (Telecaster, 65 Fender Princeton Amp!) and one acoustic guitar (Martin D18) - that's it!

The job was to keep the number of tracks down to the minimum so that there was enough room for all instruments when doing the mix. And there were also some new ones:

We've written brass arrangements for eight songs (trumpet, trombone, saxophone) and have also integrated pedal steel guitars (after all we've done the recordings in the "wild, wild west") - but of course the usual instruments like percussions, drums (Gretsch Drumset from the 70s), bass, grand piano, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes etc. were also included.

The band has mastered the job perfectly. I am really satisfied with the performance, the mixing and the mastering. Otto d'Agnolo (engineer and owner of Chaton Studios) has just like all the others done a great job, so this time you'll get to hear 100 percent Matt Roehr. Pure.

More details, the release date and other information on the concept (Daniel and Geo Fuchs!) will be announced shortly.